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About The Girl Who, Monica Bielanko

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Monica Bielanko is a writer and journalist as well as a humanist, feminist, and self-proclaimed recovering Mormon. Having written for a wide range of online outlets, Bielanko’s work has offered comfort, humor, and inspiration to many readers all around the world thanks to the realistic and progressive views shown.

Born and raised in Utah in the late 1970s, Bielanko stepped away from the Mormon belief in her early 20s, resigning from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially in 2008 when it was revealed that it funded Proposition 8 – a California bill that was passed and eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry until being deemed unconstitutional in 2010.

Now, she is the proud mother of three, who she co-parents with her ex-husband Serge Bielanko. Both write their own blogs and have contributed to many of the same websites. Monica and Serge even chronicled the tales of their divorce and co-parenting in an eight-part audio podcast series entitled Our Ex Life.

Monica has ten years of experience working in television news, having written and produced for Eyewitness News, Good Morning American in New York City, ABC7, and World News Now. She has also been a regular contributor for many familiar websites, which includes very regular contributions to Babble for eight years, as well as starting her own blog The Girl Who.

Her writing has also featured across many big-name outlets including The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Quiet Revolution,, Babble, and Medium.

The Washington Post published her piece entitled I’m a people pleaser. Chipotle is my own personal version of hell in December 2015. The piece discusses interactions with strangers, particularly those in the service industry, and her anxiety of thinking that strangers may be thinking badly of her, going on to explain the many awkward, funny, but very real situations she’s found herself in, of which I’m sure many people have been able to relate.

For the Huffington Post, now HuffPost, Monica covered a wide range of subjects across her contributions, from pregnancy to motherhood, caring for young children to seeing your children grow up. Her HuffPost profile page still has six posts under her name.

When writing for Quiet Revolution, Monica further detailed her need to please professionals in the service industry, recapping her experiences to say that the problem may even border on pathology. There is also a great piece on the intricacies of modern birthday parties for children, which she labels as “an introvert’s worst nightmare,” as well as the trials of parenthood.

In 2015 and 2016, many of Monica’s articles featured on, covering aspects of dating after a divorce, relationships, and trying to rekindle love. Monica and Serge did a unique two-part video exchange on the website called He Said/She Said, documenting both points of view through their post-divorce life.

Babble is one of the primary sources for Monica Bielanko content on the internet outside of her own blog and her social media feeds. Monica’s contributor page is loaded with articles that cover almost every category imaginable, including beauty, pregnancy, motherhood, babies, relationships, divorce, parenthood, body and mind, entertainment, and much more. Appealing to young and educated urban parents, there’s no doubt that a lot of Monica’s articles about parenting and childrearing on Babble have touched and helped people from across the world.

She has also posted on Medium and received many claps – a form of approval from readers – for her articles. In 2016 and 2017, Monica’s work delved into relationships, pregnancy, and leaving social media. In late 2018, she created a post which detailed the decision to shave her hair in order to learn the lessons that came on the other side.

Monica Bielanko currently edits, hosts, writes, and produces her website A Broad View, which features well over 2000 posts ranging across a huge list of categories including her Babble works, celebrity articles, photographs, and pieces addressing depression, divorce, food, love, marriage, religion, cities, sex, and much more. She is also very active on Twitter, with her profile boasting over 3500 followers.

Monica Bielanko plans to, eventually, retire to a village in Latin America and live by the seaside. Until then, her honest and insightful work will continue to inspire others as the world vies to become a more progressive and welcoming place for all.